Antigravity Treadmill Therapy

The biggest barriers to physical therapy progress are pain and lack of mobility. It’s hard to build strength and stamina when you can’t move without pain. The pull of gravity increases that pain, particularly on your feet, legs and back. If you’re trying to improve balance or have gait issues, walking is great therapy. Unfortunately, if you’re afraid of losing your balance or falling, walking is challenging. That’s where antigravity treadmill therapy can help.

Our AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill uses gentle air pressure to reduce the force of gravity on your body weight by up to 80%. Unlike other cardio and rehabilitation equipment, the AlterG® enables you to walk or run with your natural gait and rhythm. The equipment protects you from falling or losing your balance as you move. Increasing the gravity as you gain strength and stamina allows you to train at a level your body can handle.

Who and what conditions can benefit from AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill therapy?

Adults and children can use the AlterG® treadmill safely and securely. Athletes and runners can improve their gait and learn to avoid injury by training on an anti-gravity treadmill. This type of training can also reduce your recovery time from injury or surgery.

Situations where the AlterG® can really help include:

  • Rehab following injury or surgery of the hip, knee, ankle or foot
  • Maintaining a training schedule after injury
  • Weight loss and weight management programs
  • Reduced impact cardio training for athletes
  • Gait training for kids and teens
  • Sensory integration for neurological issues

Want to learn more or see our anti-gravity training equipment in action? Watch our AlterG® video here: AlterG

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