Sports Physical Therapy for Children and Teens

The therapists at Fox Valley Physical Therapy and Wellness have a unique perspective on the sports physical therapy needs of kid and teen athletes. Because kids’ bodies are developing, they have specific needs that adult physical therapy doesn’t address. Our sports physical therapists understand these challenges. They combine strategies used for kids and for adults to create unique approaches for young athletes.

Sports Performance Therapy for Kids

Kids often develop posture or movement issues as they grow. While not debilitating, those issues can hurt your child’s effectiveness in life and in sports. By addressing any concerns early on, you’ll minimize their impact. Our sports physical therapy specialists will evaluate your child’s movements to find signs of tightness, weakness or over-compensation. Then, they’ll develop a treatment plan specific to your athlete’s issues, needs and goals. Your child’s physical therapist will monitor and report on progress and adjust therapies as needed. 

Sports Injury Rehabilitation for Kids

Kids get hurt playing sports. It’s a reality no parent likes to face. But, when it happens, our therapists are here to help your athlete back to prime form quickly. We’re specially trained in physical therapy for kids and teens

Sometimes, an injury is the result of trauma. Other times it’s due to awkward movement or bad mechanics. No matter what caused the injury, our goals focus beyond simple rehab. We’ll find the root cause of the issue and develop a plan to address it. We use cutting-edge techniques to quickly rehab your athlete’s injury. Ultimately, we’ll work together to improve performance and prevent future injury.

Contact us today to get your young athlete back to doing the activities he or she loves without pain and discomfort.

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Our team of therapists provides clinical expertise to thoroughly evaluate and diagnose the problem behind the symptoms.



Our therapists offer their clinical expertise to thoroughly evaluate and diagnose the problem behind the symptoms.



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